IKEA Tundra Laminate Floor Review

ikea laminate floor reviewA year ago we revamped our kitchen on a budget, refinishing the cabinets, installing a subway tile backsplash and new countertops, and laying new laminate flooring from IKEA. I gave an overview of the flooring process in this post, but since it's been a year and a few people have asked how the floor is holding up I thought I'd give an update. Here's what I think about the IKEA tundra laminated flooring one year later:

  • Appearance: It still looks great. In fact, it looks just about exactly like it did one year ago. We purchased the antique finish, which I think looks a lot higher end than other laminate floors I've seen in the same price range. I think it's so pretty I sometimes use it as a backdrop when I photograph items for the blog.
  • Price: IKEA's tundra floor is still $1.19 a square foot, which is a steal. You might be able to find special lots of laminated floor at Home Depot for .99 cents a square foot, but I don't think it looks nearly as nice.
  • Durability: Like I said, it's been a year and it looks exactly the same. No nicks, no scratches (and remember, we have lots of kids who drag things across the floor). We haven't managed to ding or dent it in any way. We've spilled plenty of liquids on it and we aren't having any problems due to that – we do try to wipe them up right away. It's fairly comfortable to walk on because there's a bit of give in the planks due to the cushy underlayment beneath them.

The verdict: Overall I'm extremely happy with the floor at this point and I wouldn't hesitate to install more IKEA Tundra flooring in the future. In fact, the only drawback to this floor that I can see is the nearly worthless picture instructions that come with it – if you've never installed a laminate floor before you'll definitely need to google for more info before you start. (This post gives more info.)


IKEA's Tundra Laminated Flooring – A Different View

tundra floor from IKEAIf you want to lay down a new floor and want to go cheap, we've known quite a few people to reach for IKEA's Tundra click-lock laminated flooring. At $1.19 per square foot, it beats Home Depots super popular TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring, but the jury is still out as to which is best.

Tundra is a pure IKEA product so even as you marvel at its price and how useful the idea of having a new laminated floor sounds, don't think for a second that this is a quality product that you will hand down to your grandchildren with a smile. Tundra is made out of fiberboard, topped with a laminate (melamine foil) and feels warm but slightly artificial underfoot. Think basement, not bedroom…

That said, you can buy it, unpack it and lay it down fairly quickly without glues or adhesives. The problems we've seen have to do with getting the planks square in the room, some slight bubbling and the need for molding (which really isn't a problem, but overlooked when planning). Since the floor looks unfinished at the edges, installing molding to hide this is essential for a nice finish.

Like Allure TrafficMaster, Tundra comes in a number of different finishes from dark to light, most of which tend to be out of stock online, so going into the store (as per usual) is a must.

We're interested in your experiences with Tundra, so please let us know below.

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